Monday, August 26, 2013


We have two apple trees in our yard that produce pretty regularly. We always want to use them, but you can only can so much apple pie filling and my family doesn't like apple sauce, so we have started drying them. 
Apple peeler, slicer, corer.
I picke up one of these apple peelers on a Black Friday sale a few years ago and we have put it to good use. It is SO handy and worth the investment.

Our apples on our dehydrator tray with the worm spots cut out.
After we cut them we soak them in juice (usually pineapple) to keep them from going crunchy. Then we sprinkle them with cinnamon/sugar. Yum!!

Finished dried apples.
They only take about 12 hours to dry and they are such a great treat to have around. Everyone loves them and they even make your house smell good while they dry. Just be careful and don't eat too many at a time. They expand in your stomach and can make you pretty sick.

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