Saturday, August 24, 2013


Our Princess P is 10! Goodbye to single digits for this family. I can't believe my youngest is that old! She's such a cutie and I am so glad she is part of our family.
The birthday girl unwraps presents.
She didn't ask for much. She got a Hello Kitty set of Legos, slippers, a new jacket and a movie. She was thrilled! She also got some money from some of her aunts and uncles. She is saving up to buy a guitar, so she was very happy for that too.
Cousins are the best!
I say this all the time, but it is so great to live in a town with so much family around. It also helps when they are so supportive and fun to be with! We all have a great time together!

The birthday party!
Princess P decided to have a cupcake party. We did lots of cupcake activities like Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake, decorating cupcakes, etc... The girls had a lot of fun and there was plenty of play time afterward to just enjoy each other too.
Princess P and her decorated masterpieces.

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