Sunday, October 20, 2013


For our UEA break we went down to Southern Utah. We biked, hiked and camped. If it hadn't been for the frost on our tents in the morning, the trip would have been perfect- with the frost is was mostly perfect. (I'm a fair-weather camper, I freely admit it.) Enjoy the plethora of photos... (and, believe me, there are lots).

GOOSEBERRY MESA- Mountain Biking
Getting ready to ride some extreme trails.
The boys rode the extreme and difficult trails. The girls rode the easy. It was fun and a beautiful place!

Big C, Little C and A on one of the extreme trails. I should have hiked it. It was gorgeous!
After riding we went and found a campsite on BLM land and made some dinner (Brats and fried potatoes). Camping is the only time Big C cooks and cleans, so I rather enjoy that part. We sat around the fire and watched the full moon rise over the mesa and were blown away by the beauty of our surroundings. Then we hit the hay.

The Overlook hike our first day.
 Big C and I haven't been to Zion's for about 15 years. I was stunned by the majesty of this place. I guess you just forget, but WOW, it is an amazing park! (Even with all the people).
A mountain goat, sunning on the rock.
 We saw lots of cool wildlife and botanicals, but my favorite was the goat. He was so chill. Just watched everybody come and go while he was soaking up the sun.
Of course the guys all had to boulder everything. Here's Little C on one.
Another thing I had forgotten about was all the switchbacks up to Angel's Landing. (This is only the first half).
My kids ran up and down and back and forth while I wheezed up the mountain. I haven't been hiking lately because of plantar fasciitis, but that's another story... I wish I had their energy!

A view of the lovely canyon and my crazy kids.
I went a little slower than the kids, but I did make it to Scout Lookout. I just couldn't bring myself to go out to Angel's Landing, however. The older I get the more heights bother me and the thought of having Princess P out there? No way, Josè! We hung out with the chipmunks. I even had one climb up my leg they got so used to us. 

A on the Angel's Landing part of the trail.
Big C and A on top of the world!
A and Little C- on the edge!
Angel's Landing- yep, that's where they were, up by that little, tiny tree...
Lunch was a great break. It felt so good to take off our shoes and relax. The temperature was perfect!
After lunch we did the Emerald Pools hikes, but our enthusiasm was draining. By then, the trails were so crowded at times we would stand in line to get around corners on the hike. 
Waiting in line to hike? Yep, we might as well have gone to Disneyland.
Our feet hurt too, so we went back down the mountain, rode the shuttle up to the end of the canyon and back down, packed it up and moved it out. It was a wonderful, but tiring weekend, and those are the best ones, right?

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