Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well, Halloween season is upon us. Today was the elementary school Halloween Carnival. It used to be on Halloween, but they moved it and I am so glad! It made Halloween hectic and overwhelming. Now it is just a way to get us in the mood for the Trick or Treat night.
Princess P as a nurse, Little C as a banana, Sister A as Hello Kitty, Miss B as a Minecraft zombie
Big C wanted to go climbing with the family again, so we were just going to go for an hour, but we ended up staying longer than that. It was a pretty good year (except the line for the tickets was out the door and around the block...). They did a new corn maze that had a Wizard of Oz theme. The kids loved it! 

Miss B and Princess P by the entrance to the maze. I loved the witch legs.
After the carnival we headed up to Maple Canyon... again. I really think we need to build a second home up there. It would get used at least once a week! Big C just can't get enough. 

Cousins in the canyon.
All the in-town Gordon family were there. We had a good time together, but it was pretty chilly. The leaves are almost all gone now, but it is still a beautiful place to be.

Big C climbing barefoot. Yes, I am serious.

Little C reading his Spiderman comic.

Princess P and Aunt N on the wall.

Me holding Baby W! He's so cute I have to grit my teeth so I don't squeeze him too hard.

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