Monday, October 28, 2013


We traditionally get together with the cousins at the Barn to carve pumpkins every year. This year we did it again. It is fun to see what everyone carves up. 
C, J, C, Little C and Little Miss C
Me, A, Aunt P and Sister A.
Big C helps Princess P paint her pumpkin green to make it a witch.
Here's all the pumpkins and the kids. There's quite a variety, huh! I did the green 'Gordon' one and Princess P did her green witch. Awesome A did the Feed Me face (behind and left of mine). Little C did the Monstercat one (behind and right of Princess P's). My boys always do electronic dance music themes. Maybe someday they'll come up with something more clever... ;)
Kids and pumpkins.
*Thanks to my SIL, N, for all the photos. I forgot my camera.

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