Friday, November 1, 2013


Yesterday was the big day! Halloween was finally here. It used to be a wild and crazy day, but now that they've changed the carnival to a different day and I don't have any little kids anymore it is a breeze. Sister A and I went to watch our kids in the elementary costume parade. They were SO CUTE!!
Miss B as a nerd, Princess P as a nurse.
That evening Little C had his Aunt J do his make up like a zombie (like D's last year) and he went with a bunch of friends to go trick or treating.
Little C (bloody face by the post) and his group of friends.
Sister A and I took Princess P and Miss B around town. It was fun! I haven't been trick or treating for quite a while and we had a good time. The weather was just right.
Our cute girls!!
 After trick or treating we went over to my BIL for his birthday. They fed us chili and we watched Hocus Pocus (which I had never seen- it was cute!).  It was a great way to wind down and we enjoyed hanging with the family.
Watching Hocus Pocus.
Baby W as a tiger and Little Miss C as Wonder Woman.

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