Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Chalkboard art is so trendy right now and I love it! I have always been obsessed with lettering and fonts and some of the chalkboard art I've seen does such a great combination of the two. I decided I needed one to do my own art on and I have loved it!
My new chalkboard from Hobby Lobby.
Here is my Thanksgiving chalk art. I don't come up with them all on my own, I find one I like online and then make it work on my board. I really love doing them!

We just got a new craft store in town that specializes in the cut out letters. I went when it first opened and bought a Thanksgiving set since I don't have very many decorations for that holiday. 
My version.
I have A LOT of scrapbook paper and it was easy to make. Very fun!!

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