Sunday, November 3, 2013


I know, I know.... more climbing photos. I promise I will not post any more climbing photos after this. I am sick of them too. Even if we go again, I won't post any. 
Little C doing some bouldering.
 We went over on the West Mountain to a new place we haven't climbed before yesterday. My Grandpa C. owned land over at the mouth of Axehandle Canyon (he used to pronounce it 'Excell'), so I have always felt nostalgic when we go there. I can just imagine my dad and his brothers and father there, herding sheep and hauling hay. Now we climb the mountain.
A and his new friend, A. She'd never been climbing before and was a great sport.
The day was GORGEOUS! We were actually hot. We knew the good weather wasn't going to last, that's the whole reason we went one more time. I think I actually got some color on my arms. Today feels like winter, so we were glad we took advantage of it.

Big C, having a conversation with his mom and dad, so I snapped a pic.
Princess P and Grandma G loving the beautiful fall day.

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