Thursday, December 26, 2013


This was the first Christmas in at least 10 years where we did not go to 'The Barn.' We needed to be somewhere we had internet access for the missionaries to Skype and so we ended up at Grandpa and Grandma Gordon's home. It was different, but fun. 
The boy cousin table.
Princess P, Santa's elf!
We unwrap gifts on Christmas Eve.
The kids at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to see if Santa came! 
He did!!
Princess P shows us the sparkly boots she wanted.
A unwraps his shotgun (not a favorite gift), and Little C checks out his new snow clothes.
Grandpa and Grandma gave BB guns this year. Princess P didn't shoot her eye out.
Sister Gordon couldn't quit smiling.
 My new favorite part of Christmas Day is Skyping with my missionaries! It was SOO fun to see their faces and hear their stories! What a blessing they are to our family. I am so proud of them and their service to Heavenly Father.
Elder Gordon gave us perpetual smiles too!

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