Saturday, December 28, 2013


We went to play in the snow finally. This year is not turning out to be a great snow year so far. I am praying for that to change. The snow that is up in the mountains (and down in the valleys too) is old and hard and not very forgiving to ski and board on.  
Little C in his new snow clothes he got for Christmas.
 We had a fun day anyway. There was a little breeze all day that kept it a little chilly, but we stuck it out and made our own fun. It was definitely a sledding day, not a ski/board day. All the cousins had a great time together.
The snowmobiles are such a great thing to have up there.
 Princess P has been sick since before school got out. I think I might take her to the doctor. She spent most of the day in the truck, lying down. It was strange to have only two kids up there. A went skiing with his friends at Park City.
Princess P wasn't excited to be there, but isn't her new monster hat cute?

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