Tuesday, December 31, 2013


New Years Eve is by far my least favorite holiday. I hate staying up late (unless I am snuggled up in bed reading a good book), so that is definitely the reason why. 
Kids' table. They all love orange soda.
 We went up to the Barn like we always do for New Years Eve and had pizza and treats.
Cousin K and Awesome A had a good time.
 For some reason we really got into the game Headbanz this year. Can I just say that I am really good at it? I kicked everybody's butt when I played. (It's rare that I ever win games -esp. when Big C is playing, so I have to brag when I can).
Headbanz rocks!
 Uncle C also brought up his Playstation 2 up, so we played Guitar Hero too. By then I was ready to be in bed and Princess P was actually in tears she wanted to go to bed so bad. I had taken her to the doctor and she was on her way to Pneumonia, so she was NOT feeling great.
What a rocking group of New Years Eve-ers! (haha)
Uncle C brought some awesome fireworks too, so we set those off at about 11:30 pm and then we called it quits. I was in bed by midnight, but just barely.

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