Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Traditions are made for keeping, so even though we went to bed late, we still got up and went up on the mountain New Year's day. 
Princess P (before she ran out of steam) and Cousin G.
 All the family showed up a little later and we really did have a fun time even though we were up on top in the wind. Big C loves it up there so that he can kite. It is a world renown spot for snow kiting, so you know the wind is pretty consistently blowing.
Uncle D brought his propane fire for us.
 We BBQed burgers and dogs and skied, flied kites, rode snowmobiles and went sledding. It was a bright, sunny, cold day and a great way to start out the year.
Aunt N learns to fly a kite.
 We had the big trailer to get in and warm up in. It has a heater and you were out of the wind, so it was actually really nice to have. Princess P ended up napping in the truck most of the time again. She still isn't over her pneumonia.
Enjoying the cold, refreshing air in the wintery mountains.

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