Sunday, December 1, 2013


We went on a tree hunt yesterday. It is a fun tradition that we love to keep up. Tree tags are getting scarce and we were lucky to get one this year. Thank heavens for an awesome sister-in-law that is willing to get us one when she gets hers.
Our little camp for the day.
 The day was beautiful, but we were taken by surprise at all the snow that was up there. We didn't expect quite that much. We were hiking through at least a foot to haul our tree to the truck. I was tired.
Toasting 'mallows by the fire.
We brought hot dogs and marshmallows to roast on the fire and spent the better part of the afternoon enjoying our pretty setting. There were TONS of people up the canyon and we were happy to find a little place all to ourselves.
Our small family and our little tree for the year.
 A went skiing up at Park City, so it was just Big C and I with the two youngest. Our family is getting smaller every time I turn around.
Our tree for 2013.
From the forest to our living room... Bring on the holidays! I am feeling the love!

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