Friday, February 14, 2014


Big C and I have been talking about getting tablets for almost a year. We very nearly did it for Christmas, in fact, it was supposed to be our presents, but we just never got around to it. So I thought I would  bite the bullet and just do it for Valentines.

I got Big C an iPad Mini and got myself an iPad (same price). Big C wanted a small one to fit in his suit coat pocket, but it didn't work out. He loves it anyway and I love mine. I am a fan!

This is our new phone. Cheap, but a huge upgrade from my last.

This is the cute case I ordered for it.
We also got new cell phones through the company and they are 'smart phones.' I am still getting used to mine, but it sure will be a nice change. My old one was,.... well,.... old! We have joined the 21st Century of technology (and only 14 years into it). Well done us.

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