Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yesterday, some very iconic signs of spring were taking place. The first one was Utah's Bi-polar weather showing itself. It the morning we got a good two inches of snow. By 3:00 that afternoon it was gone. If we have to get snow storms in the spring, those are the best. And we really can't complain too much because we still need the water.
Taken on the same day- yesterday! (not my photo- I stole it off Facebook.)
The second iconic spring thing that occurred was my spring shearing. I just got my hair cut off yesterday and I am so happy! It was really starting to bother me and it was very dry and unhealthy, so it wasn't a hard choice to make.
Princess P's photo of my new hair.
My family had very mixed reactions to it. Princess P said, 'You look just like me!' Big C said, 'It's not short enough.' (He likes short hair). Little C wouldn't even look at me. He DOES NOT like it and keeps letting me know.
Look at that hunk of hair. I think I might donate it...

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