Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Yesterday was my birthday. We won't get into too much detail and say which one because it is really making me feel old. Why is it that some years I am not even phased by my birthday and then others (i.e., this year) I am suddenly 'OLD'? I did get to spend all day with my family, so that is definitely a positive.
Big C and Awesome A watch the first game.
 Little C had soccer games down in Salina, so we went down there as a family and watched. The first game our team won (it was a sad shut out- we killed them- like 8-0, or something) and the weather was pretty warm.
Princess P was drawing.
They put Little C in as goalie after he had scored a goal. He was thrilled to wear his new goalie jersey and new goalie gloves. He did great, but didn't see much action.
Little C in all his brightness.
 The second game got COLD! The wind kicked up and the clouds got dark. The sky only spit on us a little, but it didn't matter. It was bitter!
Princess P huddled with A for warmth.
We sure didn't play as well the second game. The combination of them being tired and the cold wasn't good for anyone. We still won (1-0), but it was one of those games where everyone is just glad it's over. 
Little C (#11) during the frigid game.
After the games we went to Subway and then listened to General Conference on the way home. A pretty low-key birthday, but I wasn't in the mood for a huge celebration anyway... 

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