Sunday, May 18, 2014


Well, spring means run-off, which in turn, means the rivers are flowing. This has been a very sad snow year, so we have to run those rivers when we can. We went down to the Sevier River yesterday and ran it. The weather was just right, well, it could have been a little warmer, but it really was pretty good on the whole. It waited to cool down and get cloudy after we were done and eating lunch. (We planned it that way- haha).
Princess P, Awesome A, and Big C.
Little C didn't come. He had a 3 on 3 soccer tournament he thought was more important, so we went without him. We all ran inflatables this time (except, of course, Big C in his hard shell kayak) and it was really fun! Princess P and I doubled up and were a great team!

Big C and A load up the bikes.
We brought our bikes down to do the shuttle. There is a great bike trail up the canyon to Big Rock Candy Mountain, so we rode that while we waited for the afternoon to warm up a little. Unfortunately I forgot my swimming suit down in the truck at the bottom of the trail. Fortunately, I have a sweet husband who rode back down and got it for me and then rode back up. I am soooo lucky!
My friend A and I are happy to be outside enjoying the spring!

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