Saturday, May 17, 2014


I am not sure how it happens, but it does. Almost every year Awesome A has to share his birthday with some other event. And he always does so without any complaints or whining. He just goes with the flow...

This year, he shared with Middle School Arts Night. We went to watch Little C perform in the band.
Little C- white shirt, purple tie.
I think he was playing the triangle in this song. He is not taking band again next year. He says it's boring. It told he he at least has to keep playing the piano then and that's the deal we've made.

Princess P reading her book during the concert.
We went home after the concert and had the in-town family over for cake and ice cream. Awesome A scored big with money gifts. He was one happy guy.

Chocolate and money! Yes, just what I wanted!
I helped him blow out the candles while I was singing Happy Birthday. Oops. What are mothers for? I didn't have 18 candles anyway. 
Chocolate cake!
 The cousins love hanging out together (even if it's on our broken trampoline). 
Princess P, Cousins G and B, and Baby W.
 Then the girls got a little crazy and started eating their cake without utensils... Those silly girls!
Chocolately girls.
The next night Awesome A had a birthday party and had a bunch of friends over to eat treats and watch movies in the back yard. 
Some of Awesome A's buddies.

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