Sunday, May 11, 2014


I know I am not the only mother out there that usually can't stand Mother's Day. I love honoring my mom, but I have always hated it when it comes to myself. It seems like I always end up feeling bad for myself and neglected and angry at my family for not doing anything for me. 

Now that I have missionaries out though, things have changed! I look forward to getting see and visit with them like it's Christmas! No, it's BETTER than Christmas! 
Elder G in Wales.
Elder Gordon FaceTimed with us from Wales where he is currently serving and we laughed and talked and caught up with him for an hour and 22 minutes! I loved everyone of those minutes! He is doing so well and is so happy it makes me feel amazing!

Elder Gordon shows the back of his name badge with a sticker from where he used to work.
About 30 minutes after we hung up from Elder Gordon, I got a text from Sister Gordon and told her we were ready right then. It worked out perfectly!

Sister Gordon is as beautiful and happy as ever.
Sister Gordon is also doing great and just radiates that gospel happiness that all righteous missionaries send out. It love talking with them and hearing all the stories and just flat out listening to their voices again. 

Sister Gordon in Ft. Lauderdale.
Sister Gordon is way too obedient to go over time though. We talked exactly an 30 minutes and then she was gone. (She's pretty much a sergeant and that's okay with me. Obedience means blessings). 

Today was a great Mother's Day. I got a gorgeous hanging flower basket to hang on my back porch, a movie and some Kit Kats. (We won't mention the reason I got remembered this year, just the fact that I did).

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