Tuesday, May 27, 2014


We invited lots of friends and family and took off for Green River after Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Green River is one of the family favorites. The river's kind of mellow and sometimes downright boring, but the camping and the 'beach' are always favorites.
Princess P and Awesome A as we drive through the almost ghost town of Green River.
That night we had walking tacos and visited with everybody. It started to rain pretty good after a while, but we lived through it. The boys started to experiment with photography after a while. My good friend A is a photographer and helped them set up the camera for some fun shots.

We call this one 'Multiple Personalities.' A on the left and Little C on the right.
A wrote his name with his phone screen.
The next morning was overcast and a little chilly. No one was very excited to get on the river (except the kids- haha). I ran it the first round, however, and it wasn't bad at all. Not near as cold as the Sevier the week before!
The kids warming up by the fire the next morning.
Uncle D and cousin C helped the kids paddle the raft.

The beach is even enjoyed by the parents!
On our way home we stopped and looked at this strange hippie compound in the middle of the desert. They called it Jenkstar Ranch and it was a Sustainable Living, Art and Music Festival. There were some very strange things there, but it was interesting to investigate.
Tallest bike we'll ever ride- don't sit down!
The red ropes are a 'man' and they were on pulleys to stand it up.
The winged chair of strangeness. haha

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