Friday, May 2, 2014


Since my sister works for BYU in Programs and Conferences, she can get me a free ticket to their Women's Conference and I couldn't be more grateful! This year was truly awesome. I got to go both days and on the first day I got to hear Sheri Dew speak. She is one of my favorite women. I really relate to her and the way she writes or speaks. It was a great experience.
A photo of Sheri Dew that I stole from BYU's site.
 A friend of mine from Ephraim and I drove up each day and then we would go to the Smith Field House and hang out with my sister and listen to all the great speakers there. It was so great to drive with my friend, L, too. Driving my myself has never been my favorite and we had some awesome talks. It was fun!
My sister and I in the Smith Field House.
Some of my favorite speakers were: John Bytheway, Matt Townsend, Brad Wilcox, Amy Boothe and Hank Smith.

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