Monday, June 23, 2014


We go with Big C to his YSA ward's Family Home Evenings. Tonight it was a BBQ and floating on the lake. My kids are sometimes not excited for these nights, but going to Palisade Lake sounded like fun to them.
Little C on the SUP.
It had been really hot during the day, so a dip in the lake sounded good until we got out there. It was evening and had cooled down so I never ended up getting in the water.

Little C and Princess P on the turtle.
 The bishopric got the burgers and hot dogs going, but the charcoal didn't really want to cooperate. It took forever to cook the burgers and dogs. I guess we'll use propane from now on, right guys?

Bishop Big C flips burgers.
The activity was a real success, though. Lots of youth came and had a great time. 

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