Sunday, June 29, 2014


Big C wanted to run Cottonwood Creek (the outlet of Joe's Valley Res.), so Princess P and I went with him and made the river over the mountain. Our friend A came as well, to see the beautiful river. It is one of the few rivers in Utah that has clear water instead of brown.
A brand new fawn trying to hide from us.
The drive over to Joe's Valley is so pretty. We go straight over our mountain and down the other side. We saw a momma deer and a tiny, new fawn in the middle of the road. The fawn laid down in the road it was so scared then ran away and laid by a tree. I snuck up and took a photo. I can't believe how well they are camouflaged. I never would have seen it if Big C hadn't pointed it out.

Big C heads into a rapid.
Big C braces so he doesn't flip.
Even though it was Big C's first time running this river, he had a clean, smooth run and loves this river more than ever. This was always his goal river to do when he got good enough. Now he does it all the time.
Princess P is so beautiful!
When he got to the take out we had a little al fresco lunch by the river. It was such a pretty day. Joe's Valley is one of those hidden little oasis in the desert that no one knows about. It is such a gorgeous place and there is hardly ever anyone there. We love it!
A, Princess P, Big C, Me

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