Monday, June 30, 2014


Our summertime activities are usually pretty similar to the previous summer. They are always full of hard work building houses in the hot summer sun, running as many rivers as we can fit in, and some other fun little activities along the way.
Big C and Little C forming a basement.
 This is the first year that Little C has worked full time for Big C and it has been an adjustment. Little C is a great worker, but hasn't always been happy about the whole set up. It has taken a serious toll on his play time, but already has added a substantial amount to his bank account.

A plethora of boats.
 My husband seriously might need an intervention about his boats. He does love his river rafting!  It sure is a fun family thing for us to do though and one of them that our kids actually like doing all together. You can't beat that.

Workshop Wednesday at the Granary Art Center. (Princess P and Miss B to the very left).
I taught a cute little class how to make spinning pinwheels last Wednesday and it was a lot of fun. They turned out really cute and were quick and easy to make.

Cousins and friends! M, M, Little C and J.
Little C got to go stay with cousins for the weekend and had a fabulous time. He went to M's championship baseball game and watched them take the title! He also got to go long boarding and stay up late watching movies and playing video games all night long.

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