Sunday, July 6, 2014


It was the year for the Big C Reunion. That means that all of my aunts and uncles and cousins are invited to a reunion in my town (the town of most of our ancestors). This year was a bit of a bummer because not very many of the cousins came, but we still had lots of fun!
The girls are back together again!
Princess P is lucky to have so many cousins her age on both sides of the family. She just loves them all! We took them swimming the first day and they had a ball together!
Sleeping on the back porch at night.
We had some of the cousins stay with us a few nights and that was like a huge sleep over- which is a huge deal for my kids because we don't do sleep overs. They had a great time sleeping outside on the porch.
Pizza dinner at the church.
One of my nephews just barely got home from his mission to Spain a few days before the reunion and his family came for some of the reunion. It was very fun to see him again!

Cousins eating pizza and watermelon.
We tried to do name tags with the parents names on them because the generations are starting to get a little spread apart and we don't know each others kids anymore. We are taking the commandment to 'multiply and replenish the earth' to heart! I'm sure Nana and Papa are thrilled!

A family photo at the the church the first night. Only about half of the family.
The next day was the Fourth of July and we spent most of that with my immediate family. It was lots of fun to be with cousins and celebrate Independence Day.
The boys!
After a cold dinner, we did a few driveway fireworks and then went over to Manti to see the big fireworks when it got dark. It was a fun Fourth!
Driveway fireworks with the cousins!

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