Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It is kind of strange having only one missionary out there now. I was worried that Elder G would get really homesick or trunky with Sister G coming home, but he is doing better than ever and has no desire to come home.
Pres. Preston and Elder G.
 In July, the Manchester mission got a new president and so Elder G had to say goodbye to his old one. He really enjoyed Pres. Preston and will miss him, but it was also fun to learn that his new President is from Utah.

Elder G and his favorite investigators.
It seems that Elder G gets some great investigators going and then gets transferred and has to leave them to be baptized by someone else, but he is really enjoying teaching the gospel and getting them ready.

4 'generations' of missionaries.
 In 'mission speak'- the above photo is of 4 generations of Missionaries. From left to right they all trained each other. 

Teeing off for P-day at Oxenholme driving range.
 Elder G has also seen some amazing scenery. I can't wait to go pick him up and see it for myself. (hehe- that's kind of a wish, not necessarily set in stone...) But I have always wanted to go to England and this might be my only chance.
Elder G on his throne.
Keep up the hard work, Elder G. We sure are proud of you!

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