Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Halloween activities are in full swing this week! It's been fun! We got reminded of the elementary school carnival, Saturday, at the last minute, so we went over for a few minutes. The kids were actually pretty over it this year. 
Princess P (the ghost in the middle) with her two friends.
I think they are just getting too old for all the games and got bored pretty quick. Little C didn't even stay. 
Baby W as the old man from Up. What a cutie!
Yesterday, we took our pumpkins up the farm and carved them at the barn for Family Night. 
Little C gutting his pumpkin.
 Little C did the Real Salt Lake soccer team symbol in his.
Mom and Princess P
 Princess P carved a traditional jack 'o lantern face into hers.
Getting the guts! Yuck!
The Gordon family pumpkins for 2014.

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