Monday, November 10, 2014


Ahh, Maple Canyon in autumn in one of my favorite places to see. It is such a pretty canyon, but when you add all those colorful falling leaves, it's breath-taking. We went up this weekend with the family. Sister S was home visiting from USU and it was so fun to have her there.
Friend T, Sister S and Princess P.
 Sister S had a friend stop by and visit us on his way down to St. George. It was very chilly before the sun came out, so we started a fire.
Sister S, Aunt N, Princess P and Little C
Sister S climbing like a boss even after coming home from her mission.
Big C, Aunt N and Friend T.
Little C climbs out of the dark and into the sun!
Little C, Grandma G, Sister S.
Princess P, Cousin C, Little Miss C and Aunt J.
Some of the more loony members of the family decided they would long board down the canyon road. Crazy kids! Thank heavens they were safe. Not a helmet to be found among them. *Sigh*
Big C, Sister S and Little C with their boards.
There they go! Turkey Road.

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