Sunday, January 4, 2015


Historical preservation is a controversial topic at our house. With my husband being a contractor he thinks old buildings should be torn down and rebuilt. It saves money, time and is more efficient (he's a HUGE fan of efficiency). I, on the other hand, am a big supporter of historical sites. I think our heritage should be preserved and saved. I am not opposed to upgrading old buildings, but to take them down is a travesty in my opinion. There is no way that those buildings will ever be able to be duplicated. I love the history in my town. My family goes back over 100 years here, my great-great grandfather was the first mayor of Ephraim, both my parents and their parents were raised here and I actually get nostalgic when I see photos of how the town used to look- if such a thing is even possible.
Tearing down the old bank.
 If the issue is debated hotly at my house, it is just as contentious in our community. I posted the above photo on Facebook yesterday with a comment about how sad it is to see this building go and got TONS of comments. Some were just as sad as I was, some that told me to 'get over it,' and some that said there was no way to save the building because the foundation was bad, etc... Everyone has definite views on the topic. I feel strongly that our local government has a responsibility to preserve historical sites. We are the worst town in the county at historical preservation and I think it's a shame!

The hay bales were put up to cushion and save the old house next to it.
The old house next to the demolition is one of the first houses in Ephraim. I am so glad they are at least saving that structure, but I have heard comments that they should even tear that down too and just rebuild it.

This is what the bank looked like before the demolition. 
About 10 years ago The Bank of Ephraim was brought down by an embezzler. They didn't catch it soon enough and the bank collapsed. It was a sad day. My grandpa was on the board of directors years ago.

The bank in its original glory.
Cache Valley Bank (the bank that owns the building now, is supposedly going to rebuild it the way it used to look. I am not sure what that means, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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