Sunday, January 25, 2015


Big C's ward had a snow day activity up Fairview yesterday, so we all went up there with them. It was a little chillier than the week before, but still nice. Big C brought the trailer with a heater in it and his first counselor had made soup and there were donuts and hot chocolate. It was pretty plush.
Friends- M, N, Little C.
Bishop Big C was thrilled to teach some of his students to fly his kite and some of them were willing to learn. Only girls showed up, but some of them were very gung ho about it. 
Big C giving instructions to members of his ward. Some of them got dragged through the snow, but they loved it.
Sister S was home again this weekend for a funeral, so we played games tonight and had a good time. We love the game Headbands.
Sister S got Darth Vader and guessed it within 4 or 5 guesses. We are a Star Wars family!
Gotta have treats! Rhode's Rolls rock!

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