Thursday, February 5, 2015


We have made some significant progress since I last posted. Big C has been building the face frames for our entertainment center and computer cabinet. They are going to be beautiful!
Face frame for the entertainment center. 
 Big C has talked me into concrete countertops and now I don't want anything else. They look amazing (if they're done right) and we are practicing. The first piece we poured was a slab of light gray that we are going to use to put our wood burning stove on. It was too light, so I spent a couple hours painting on a stain pattern. Cory brushed on the sealer instead of using a roller and completely destroyed my stain job. Oh well, live and learn...
Watercolor brushes come in handy for staining concrete. Just thought you'd like to know.
Today our flooring came and we were able to put in most of it. Is is a brand called Adura. I LOVE it! It looks like wood, but is VERY durable and looks beautiful! I sure hope it holds up like it's supposed to. I really don't want to put in new flooring for a long time!

I came home from class and this is what I saw. Glue on one side.
It was very easy and quick to install. I was very impressed and so was Big C. We've made so much progress. It's only been a month since we started knocking out walls. Also, note our framed windows and doors with the pediments- they'll be white. I love those too!
SIL N and Grandpa G helping us.
Almost done within 2 hours!
Little Miss C and Princess P played outside since the weather is so gorgeous.

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