Sunday, March 1, 2015


Here are a few random photos from this last week of February...
Little Miss C and Little C
I can't call Little C Little C anymore. He's taller than I am. And while he's still shorter than Big C, he's definitely not 'Little'. Medium C just doesn't really have a ring to it... hmmmm... I think we'll just go with C-Man until I come up with something better.

C-Man and his buddy, N, doing fast offerings on the 4-wheeler. Only in rural Utah...
My older sister came down for a funeral of a family friend and stayed for about 24 hours. We went and got frozen yogurt, went grave hunting for our ancestors out in the old Pioneer Cemetery north of Ephraim and out to lunch. It was a fun, but quick trip. 
My maternal Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother's headstone out in the Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery.
This was my Great Great Grandpa that was the first mayor of Ephraim back in the late 1800's.

Me, hanging out with Ronald Reagan at Home Depot on a trip to Provo.

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