Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We are making some real progress! I am so excited! Our cabinets have taken forever, but hopefully they'll be worth it. We are STILL waiting for the cabinet doors, but we did get my new fridge in. I couldn't take photos of us putting the big island countertop in, because it required my help (it took 6 of us!), but here it is...
I love it so much! It looks great!
Big C also built a computer armoire over some pipes in our wall and I am loving the way it is turning out!! It will have two sets of doors on it when it is done.
I painted it red and don't regret it for a minute! I love it!
The backsplash was a much debated topic for us. I really don't like grout, so I didn't want tile, but there's not many other options, so we did this vintage tin look-a-like stuff. I really like it! (I am posting this about a month after we put it in and it really has been wonderful! Very easy to clean. We caulked the seam between the wall and the countertop with clear caulk and are thrilled with it).
Sorry for the poor quality phone photo. I'll do a better one later. Do the white outlet covers bother you?

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