Sunday, August 30, 2015


C Man started racing mountain bikes this year in the Utah High School circuit. It was an amazing program. They said this first race up at Soldier Hollow yesterday set a record for the biggest mountain bike race in the country! It was pretty cool!
C Man and his biggest fan, Cousin W.
He and his cousin, C, both raced and had a lot of support. Mountain biking has always been a big sport in the Gordon family. All his uncles and his dad have all raced at some point in their lives, so he's just keeping the tradition alive. Plus, his Uncle D is one of the coaches.
Lots of family there to cheer him on for his first race!
Lining up for his first ever race!
Aunt N caught this great photo of him on his second lap.
That's one tired, hot boy, but he did GREAT!
Some of the other guys from Manti's team.
We were so proud to learn he took 4th in his group of about 50 boys!
It was a great start to the season!!

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