Monday, September 7, 2015


We had another invite to my BIL's cabin by Dolores, Colorado again this year for Labor Day. We had such a great time last year and the older kids were thrilled to be able to go this time.
Colorado scenery is the best! This is a hike we went on and it was gorgeous!
We hiked to Geyser Springs and it was a little stinky, but beautiful!
One night the kids gathered around the kitchen table and read Sister S's books in different accents. It was hilarious!
At bedtime, the boys would gather round the computer and watch The Walking Dead and the girls would go read.
Big C went fishing again this year and let Princess P catch the fish this year.  
We went to church in Cortez again and some of the kids forgot clothing items...
The cousins in the beautiful valley.
We went to Telluride again and the boys biked up to Bridal Veil Falls again.
What a view! Is it redundant to say how beautiful this country is again? Too bad. I said it.
Art gallery on Main Street. They even had a radioactive cat from one of the photos I talk about in my classes!
Sister S with her favorite bumper sticker. hehe.
The boys ready to bomb down the trails at Telluride ski resort.
The free gondolas are so nice! I love to ride in them and see the scenery and they haul the boys and their bikes to the top.
Main Street Telluride. This place is definitely a family favorite!

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