Monday, November 23, 2015


I was just having a conversation with my artist friend the other day that was probably cliche. We were discussing how hard it is to make a living doing art. I know the whole 'starving artist' thing is sometimes overdone, but ideas become cliche because there is truth in them. If I wasn't teaching I would be making no money at all from my art. It is a sad reality, but true. My friend was saying that maybe she should just quit making art and focus on other things and I was shocked. I just couldn't do it. I love making art too much to quit. It is for me more than anything or anyone else. I don't care if I make money. It is part of me and to even think of quitting makes me sad.
Putting together the print exchange.
A different friend and colleague of mine put together a print exchange and asked me to be a part of it. I was so thrilled to be invited! It was a pretty amazing group of printmakers! We all made 35 prints and got one of each. I am so honored to own this collection of prints! I ended up helping him make the boxes and put it all together. It was quite the process!
The sintra cut of aspen trees I did for the print exchange.
A few months ago a woman in town asked me to paint a watercolor painting for her son that she could give him for Christmas. I accepted because I felt pressured, but panicked almost immediately! I hate commissions. Yes, they bring money, but it is so hard to paint something for someone when they've already got something else in mind. How can you ever know what they want? I procrastinated for at least a month before I made myself finally sit down and do it. I really don't mind how it turned out. I am actually kind of impressed with myself. Thank goodness it's done! 
Philadelphia Flat, watercolor by Kim Gordon

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