Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I cannot even tell you how excited I was that my sculptural book called A House of Learning was accepted into the Religion Show at the Springville Art Show! I am very grateful to my good friend, A, for encouraging me to enter and even taking my work up there. I had to remove it from the Faculty Show at the college so that I could enter it and it paid off! I never even would have thought to enter it after it got rejected from the Church International show. I really have poor self-esteem when it comes to my art. Something I need to work on, I guess...

Tonight we went to the opening and I got to see both my little book and A's video right across from mine! What an honor!
A House of Learning, Mixed Media Sculptural Book.
There is a lot of symbolism in this work of mine. The shape of the structure represents the many places we learn of spiritual subjects, such as our homes, churches and temples. The script you can see on the front and sides is a copy of the First Vision in Joseph Smith's handwriting. On the back there is a 'window' with music in it representing how much we learn through hymns. The books symbolize the many printed works we gain knowledge from by reading. It was fun to create!

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