Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I have a snow-obsessed son in my house. Well, all of them are pretty excited for winter to start, but Elder D is especially excited. He's missed snow and particularly snowboarding for the last two years on his mission in England. He said it never snowed while he was there. It just rained and rained and rained (I think he was there for some record flooding). Anyway, it started to snow this afternoon and he was out there in it between classes. He just couldn't resist! He built a huge snowman and the snow was so heavy and wet that it collapsed, but he was still thrilled! Now it just needs to start piling up in the mountains so he can really put it to good use! haha!
My 21 year old son! Happy as a kid!

He's also an art major at Snow College and I am so impressed with what he is doing. I love that I have children that are artists! Even if they don't end up doing that for their occupations, I just know how much art enriches your life and I am so happy that my children see that too.
A boy and his drawing. (Yes, he does wear flannel everyday).

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