Saturday, December 5, 2015


I struggle more and more with trying to go find a Christmas tree every year. I hate it. I don't like the search (especially now that none of the kids ever want to come anymore), I don't like putting the lights on the #@*$ thing either, and I really don't like the arguments that Big C and I have over it every year! I am ready for a fake, pre-lit tree that I can put together in minutes and just decorate. Is that so wrong?
Princess P and me with the tree, such as it is.
This year's tree is just as bad as all of them have been in the past. One sided and scrawny with limp branches that can't hold up ornaments. It is also the prickliest tree I have ever been stabbed by. We keep getting the needles stuck in our feet! Yikes! That's new, even for us.
You can tell with this shot how lopsided the tree is. It is definitely one sided. 
We took the snowmobiles this year since there was lots of snow and only three of us. It worked out alright until Big C wrecked his snowmobile. Oops!
Princess P and her snow angel skills are amazing!

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