Saturday, February 13, 2016


We went up on the mountain today to play in the snow, but it wasn't very cooperative. I took C Man out to do some skiing in the trees (where there would hopefully be some powder), but it was bullet hard. Quote from C Man: "Mom, I didn't even leave any tracks." So that venture was short-lived. We ended up back at the truck and the rest of the snowmobiles and decided to go for a ride.
C Man, Big C, Princess P on top of Skyline Drive.
Bullet hard snow is good for one thing- snowmobiling. Especially if you aren't very good at it -- like me. I really struggle with getting the machine to do what I want it to and not the other way around. I have wrecked and fallen off the things and gotten stuck more times than I can count. It's true- I suck at driving snowmobiles.
C Man, Princess P and ME! On top the world- the view is amazing from up here!
So, back to the bullet hard snow... It's great for me because then I don't get the machine stuck at least. I'm still a chicken about trying to climb super steep hills, but I actually did okay. I only fell off once and I only told Big C I hated him once. Overall, not too bad (in retrospect). I did learn not to follow my husband everywhere he leads. My skills are just not up to it, but I made it back in one piece and lived to tell about it.
Elder D with friends and his uncle up Fairview too.

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