Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sister S is still having awesome adventures in Mexico. She and the other teachers were able to go to Mexico City for a few days to see some ancient pyramids and other touristy attractions in the capital city. One long bus ride and scary, expensive taxi ride later, they were lost and had quite the time trying to find the place they were staying. 
Monument in downtown Mexico City.
Sister S says she has never felt unsafe in Celaya (where she is living and teaching), but had quite a few scary experiences in Mexico City and is very glad it's not where she is living.
The teachers and some costumed Mexicans in the park.
Sun Stone- or Mayan Calendar.
Happy to see cool, ancient stuff!

Teotihuacan- Avenue of the Dead.
Pyramid of the Sun.
First to the top- I'm not surprised.

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