Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Boys High School soccer has begun. I'm sure no one is surprised that C Man is playing. He does love his soccer, but this year it was actually a hard choice for him. He was thinking of doing track as well (and would have done very well, too), but in the end soccer won. Team sports in high school and all the politics involved with coaches are new for our family. I've never had a child that wanted to participate in anything besides tennis or golf- and very casual participation at that. C Man is different. He loves all sports strongly, so I know this is only the beginning...
A cold, dark first game. C Man is #27.
The JV team plays after Varsity, so we ran out of light, fast. And it was SO COLD! We had been having a warm streak of weather the two previous weeks, so we were really taken by surprise by how cold it was! I really felt bad for C Man too because he sat on the freezing bench most of his game. He was very frustrated and I don't blame him. I went over to tell him I had to go and the coach finally put him in (last 10 min), so I stayed for a minute and watched.
Soccer in the dark!
I had to go to a meeting, though, so I walked home and as I got almost to our house I could hear the crowd cheer and I thought to myself "I'll bet C Man just scored!" I was right, I had just missed his goal (the winning goal, by the way) by three minutes. I was SO SAD! Next time I'll miss my meeting!

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