Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I got to go to Europe with the Snow College art department again. I went three years ago as well, and was so excited Big C let me go again. We went to Rome again and then to Barcelona. I wasn't very excited for Barcelona, but I ended up LOVING it! It was a great trip and I absolutely love Europe! I'll go again some day, mark my words! 
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Both times I've gone, I make a list of things to be missed and things I won't miss. Here's this trip's...

  • Trying to find somewhere to go to the bathroom! Europe is terrible at providing public restrooms and workers are so rude about letting you use theirs. It gets really old. How are you supposed to stay hydrated when there's nowhere to pee? McDonald's saved our bladders more than once. 
  • I also won't miss the horribly, odiferous bathrooms. Why can't Europeans get the pee smell out of their bathrooms?? Why is it so hard? They ALL reek and as soon as you get back to the US, the smell is magically gone. They need better cleaners or just better cleaning products.
  • I also won't miss being on my feet all day long and trying to keep up with people (men) that want to speed walk everywhere we go. My feet are so sore and tired and still have scabby blisters from one pair of shoes. They need a rest. Some of our group had their Fitbits with them and we averaged between 10-15 miles everyday. 
  • I also won't miss the crowds. Rome was unbelievably crowded! Easter is NOT a great time to visit the Vatican! The crowds at the museum were CRAZY! Wall to wall people. Barcelona was busy too, but not nearly as bad as Rome. I won't miss that in my cute little Ephraim.
  • The last thing I won't miss is the long hike back to our hotel from the closest Metro station. It was in a very trashy area and when we would come home at night, there would be hookers wearing little more than underwear and stilettos on the streets. Yikes, it was awful! I felt so bad for them.
  • The food in Barcelona! Ironically, I was most worried about the food in Barcelona (I hate paella) and thought I'd starve there, but I ended up LOVING it! The whole tapas idea is awesome and I loved almost everything I tried. Sooo much better than Rome! Potatoes bravas and ham and chicken croquettes were some of my favorites.
  • All the art and all the history. I love seeing art works in real life. It is an amazing experience and I never get sick of it. The history part of it all is fabulous too. Seeing the inside of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum this time was definitely a highlight. I am blown away that structures that old are still standing. I loved being there!
  • The freedom of doing what I want without making dinner and being responsible for kids for a few days is always really fun. I miss them like crazy and I'm always ready to come home, but for a little while, a break is great!
  • Being in Barcelona during El Classico was AMAZING! I wish so much that FCB had won the game, but seeing the excitement and feeling the enthusiasm of the fans during the game was so much fun! It was a very cool experience!
  • Walking into a room in the Vatican Museum and seeing my favorite Caravaggio painting. I don't know how I missed it last time I was there, but I am so thrilled I got to see it this time. It is SO beautiful and most of Caravaggio's paintings in Rome are in dark little chapels and hard to see. 
Overall, it was a great trip. I had some reservations about going without a friend, but it ended up being alright. It was fun being a part of the group I was with. I made some great friends of the students and the faculty were wonderful! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go again. My next goal is Great Britain! 

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