Monday, April 4, 2016


My family was all over the world this year for Spring Break! It was crazy! Princess P and C Man were mad at us that they didn't get to go anywhere, but everyone else did. (I did feel a little bad- like I robbed a trip from them).
The girls she teaches with swimming in a cenote. 
Sister S got to go to Cancun for her break. (If you remember, she was already in Mexico teaching English). They struggled finding a place to stay and it was kind of an adventure in lots of ways for her, but fun too. I love the photos she sent to me.
She got to go parasailing!
Selfie on a scooter? Now that's skill! haha
Sister S on a beach in Cozumel.
Sister S in the middle with the girls at Chichen Itza.
She happened to lose her passport on this trip and was very worried about getting home, but she's got it all worked out now. She's very ready to come home, but I know that Mexico has been a good experience for her too. If nothing else, it's helped her see she doesn't want to teach. hahaha!

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