Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Our Green River trip didn't start out so hot this year. We got to the campground at Swayze's Beach and found that they have started charging this year, so they wouldn't let us camp on the beach anymore. It is very depressing when the government starts taking over everything and telling you what you can and can't do. Freedoms are being lost everyday and nobody cares. It's a sad sign of our society.
Hanging out on the beach, waiting to find out where we are going to go.
Then, our friend that was with us stepped into some melting sand where a fire pan had been and burned the bottoms of his feet so bad that Big C and I ended up driving him to the hospital back in Gunnison.
W with his new gauzy 'socks'.
He'll be okay, but he'll have to stay off his feet for a couple weeks and that's not good for him. He's a very busy person and now he can't work for Big C. He was not happy. I was so sick for him. It was terrible.

Big C and I drove back to Green River early the next morning with his parents and ran the river with everyone. It was a great river day! Nice and warm and lots of water.
Lots of people need lots of boats. We had around 30 people there.
Sister S and I- loving the sunshine!
Lots of family and friends make for lots of fun and great memories.
This isn't everyone, but almost...
This is the first year we took the SUP's down the river. C Man was pretty good at it.
Elder D stayed back the first run and built a sand castle. He's such a big kid! I love it!
Elder D with Little W.

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