Sunday, May 29, 2016


My family has a strong tradition of attending our town's Scandinavian Days over Memorial Day weekend. It is so ingrained that Big C has even quit doing anything else on that day. He actually enjoys my family and extended family and I am so glad because I really enjoy them too. I am very blessed to have amazing family!
Some of my kids (the middle 4) with friends and cousins.
All my kids were home this weekend too, so it was really fun to be with everyone!
Watching the parade for the last time from my sister's old house.
Princess P and her friend Miss K with the vikings!
Some of our family that was there. I have such great cousins! I just love them!
My sweetheart, ready to do the Vike on a Bike race he helped plan.
Elder D was the only other one to race this year.
After a nice day, with a brief rainstorm, BBQ turkey lunch, a little bit of shopping at the venders, visiting with all the friends and relatives we saw at the festival, we had the traditional BBQ at my house with all my family, cousins and friends that were in town. It was SO much fun! Can't wait for next year.

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