Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Sister S got to go visit her good friend that is attending BYU Hawaii. She had a great time and loved Hawaii, but it ended up being a pricey trip...
Sister S in front of the house I grew up going to with my family every year.
She got to swim with sharks!
Sister S at the famous (to me) Hukilau Beach. I have such a great memories of that beach.
Sister S dropped her phone off a cliff on the last day there. It was not good for more than one reason, because when she got back to Las Vegas she went to drive home and found that the car had been stolen. She kept having to borrow people's phones on the street to call us and tell us what she was doing. She ended up catching a bus to Cedar City just to get her out of creepy Vegas and we met her there at 2 am. It was quite a night. I am not sure why they wanted to steal a '94 Honda Civic, but I guess it happens all the time. The car had over 300,000 miles on it and lots of great memories for our kids, so it meant way more to us than to whoever took it. There has been a week of mourning at our house for the Hot Tamale, may it rest in peace.

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