Saturday, June 11, 2016


We sure don't have much water in the state of Utah this year. It has been very sad for our river running habit. Nothing is flowing, so when my husband saw that there was a bit of water in the Huntington River, he wanted to run what he could of it.
Big C on Huntington Creek
Princess P and I went up the canyon with him and hiked. It was interesting to see the devastation caused by a forest fire there a few years ago. The campground is even closed to overnight campers and the slopes of the mountains are bare, so you can see all the pretty little waterfalls. It was very interesting. Plus, now there are log jams so huge it's caused the hiking trail to be rerouted. Mother Nature sure can be destructive when she wants to.
Me with Princess P, hiking along the river.
There was a lot of logs over the river, so Big C had to portage a few times.

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