Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We went to Palisade Lake to beat the heat last night. It was a HOT day yesterday, so Big C suggested we go paddle boats at the lake for family night. We were all happy with that suggestion, so off we went to picnic and play!
Princess P atop the turtle.
 The wind was beastly and actually made it a little chilly when you got out of the water, but that didn't stop the kids from being in the lake as much as possible all evening.

Little C (right) and his buddy, B.
 Some of our friends were able to go too and that always makes my children happy. We all had a great time eating each others food, splashing in the water and visiting.

My goof-ball boys (left) and their friend, K.
A very successful and satisfying Family Home Evening was had by all!

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