Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Ahh, May Day. I will spare you the complaints this year and just be happy it's done.
Very colorful t-shirts this year.
 Princess P and the rest of the 3rd graders did a dance to Good Time. The music was actually really fun and happy this year. There were some cute dances, it's just too darn crowded!

Miss B (cousin) and Princess P
Right after May Day was over, we went to Walmart and got Princess P's ears pierced. I've been telling her that when she was ready and felt like she could take care of them, we'd go get it done. She's been bugging me for months now and Big C didn't say no, so we did it! She was so brave! She hardly flinched and they even did the ears separately. That's my girl!

Princess P (complete with rainbow earrings) and Miss B.
Her cousin, Miss B, was very impressed with her courage and videoed the whole thing on her iPod. Then we went to Malt Shop to celebrate! What a fun day!!

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